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During your 10-day Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, you are required to come to Israel with your own health insurance policy that is valid in Israel. 

If you are not insured on your own or if your International medical insurance policy does not cover you abroad, then you NEED an insurance policy that covers you for the trip. If you are not insured on your own or if your International medical insurance policy does not cover you abroad, then you NEED an insurance policy that covers you for the trip. An inexpensive and easy way to fulfill this requirement is to purchase travelers insurance through CTAS, which is underwritten by Harel Insurance Company, Israel’s largest medical insurer. Click here for  the insurance policy terms.

Cover includes:

  • Medical insurance in Israel, with coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • Insurance in case your baggage is lost, damaged, or stolen (up to $800).
  • Cancellation insurance for domestic flight costs (coverage up to $200, and an additional $10 add-on fee applies). 
    This coverage applies if you purchase a domestic flight for your Birthright Israel trip and end up missing that domestic flight due to death, illness, or injury to you or an immediate family member; or if there is a delay/change to your international Birthright Israel flight that causes you to miss/change your domestic flight. 
  • No deductible or co-payment.
  • Excellent list of contracted doctors.
  • No need to pay and then claim back at home.
  • 24 hour call center
  • Includes cover for Covid-19 (hospitalization and necessary medical treatment).

Please note: Applications will be accepted until 5 days before departure. Any applications received after that time, will be charged a $14 late registration fee.

Cost for all CTAS services is $50 per trip (optional trip cancellation $10). If you extend your trip, the cost is an additional $4.50 per day.

If you cancel the policy, there is a $10 surcharge.

The policy can only be purchased once a bus number is assigned for the trip!

Proceed below to purchase the CTAS package.

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Trip Cancellation for participants taking domestic flights Yes please, $10 additional premium
Late Fee (5 days or less to trip) $14
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