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Renunciation of Medical Secrecy
I, hereby give my permission to all the doctors and other medical institutions and hospitals and/or to all insurance companies and/or to every institution and other body or individual, to provide Harel Insurance Company Ltd.  with all the details, without exception and in the matter that shall be demanded by Harel, as regards my state of health and/or any disease that I have suffered from in the past and/or that I am currently suffering from, and I hereby release you from the obligation to safeguard medical secrets and hereby renounce this secrecy towards Harel. This declaration of renunciation binds me, my estate and my legal delegates and everyone who will come in my stead. This declaration of renunciation shall also apply to the minors in this policy.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

Cover: Sudden deterioration of pre-existing illness/medical condition where:
1) Condition has been stable for 18 months prior to arrival.
2) Accident-no hospitalization for 6 months prior to arrival.
Excluded: Transplants,M.S.,dialysis,Cystic Fibrosis,sexual diseases,active psychiatric conditions, cancer treatment.