Extensive medical coverage in Israel

Including worsening of a pre-existing condition Info

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Worsening of an existing illness: a sudden and unexpected change for the worse of an existing disease, the treatment of which was necessary in Israel as emergency treatment and which was stabilized with medication for 6 months prior to the arrival of the insured in Israel. In addition, the insured was not hospitalized for the illness during a period of 6 months prior to his arrival in Israel.

1) Worldwide Trip Protector – coverage for pre-paid, non – refundable payment or deposits .

Cancellation due to illness or injury to you, your family members, traveling companion (and family members), business partner (and family members). See policy wording for exact conditions.
Other covered reasons:
a) Fire, flood or burglery to your primary place of residence.
b) Bad weather causing delays of at least 24 hours.
c) Unannounced strike causing a delay of at least 24 hours.

Further Details and Policy Conditions.

2) Worldwide Protector Plus – Includes all of the above and also, cancel for any reason. (up to 75% of pre-paid or more refundable payment or deposits).

Subject to:
a) the policy taken out within 21 days of the date of initial payment.
b) you must insure 100% of pre-paid costs.
c) you cancel your trip at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure date.

Further Details and Policy Conditions.

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Renunciation of Medical Secrecy
I, hereby give my permission to all the doctors and other medical institutions and hospitals and/or to all insurance companies and/or to every institution and other body or individual, to provide Harel Insurance Company Ltd.  with all the details, without exception and in the matter that shall be demanded by Harel, as regards my state of health and/or any disease that I have suffered from in the past and/or that I am currently suffering from, and I hereby release you from the obligation to safeguard medical secrets and hereby renounce this secrecy towards Harel. This declaration of renunciation binds me, my estate and my legal delegates and everyone who will come in my stead. This declaration of renunciation shall also apply to the minors in this policy.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

Cover: Sudden deterioration of pre-existing illness/medical condition where:
1) Condition has been stable for 18 months prior to arrival.
2) Accident-no hospitalization for 6 months prior to arrival.
Excluded: Transplants,M.S.,dialysis,Cystic Fibrosis,sexual diseases,active psychiatric conditions, cancer treatment.