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Shalom and Welcome to Israel!

You have medical insurance under the CHAI STUDENT INSURANCE plan. This plan offers the best of both worlds – medical coverage through the Israel Kupat Cholim system, together with our specialized private care.

1) Coverage is through Kupat Cholim Maccabi, one of Israel’s leading national health insurance plans. You will receive a Maccabi card, entitling you to obtain medical treatment at your local Maccabi clinic and at Maccabi clinics country wide. Click here for Maccabi website

2) Coverage is according to the Israel Health Basket of medical services (which means that you are covered like an Israeli resident).
This includes:

  • All doctor / specialist visits
  • Emergency / urgent hospitalization and ER
  • Prescription medication
  • Laboratory and x-ray services
  • Emergency ambulance coverage
  • 24/7 call center.
  • Telemedicine services.

Please note:

  • There is a small deductible for medication and some medical services. This deductible is paid by the student. Details
  • Exclusions: dental care, pregnancy and birth, mental health, work related accidents, motor accidents (covered by Israeli law) and extreme sport, drug / alcohol related accidents and illness.
  • Pre Existing: Students with pre-existing conditions may be charged an additional fee if the insurance company requires an additional premium due to the condition. In such a case, some coverage for the pre-existing condition, including medication, will be provided by the insurance.
  • Covid 19: There is full coverage for Covid – 19 including vaccinations where necessary.
  • See attached for full policy conditions and exclusions.
  • The following plan applies to students up to and including age 22. Anyone over that age may have an additional cost per month. Please contact Rochel@egertcohen.co.il

3) PEACE OF MIND: Our staff will work together with the Maccabi services. We will provide an English speaking back-up for any problems in making appointments or for serious medical conditions. This is through Egert and Cohen, experts in student and tourist health services in Israel. Click here for the E&C website
In addition, we will arrange twice weekly clinics and telemedicine services where necessary.
Our medical director, Dr. Lazar Fruchter, will coordinate with medical services, student and family in case of need.

4) You will need to submit a copy (picture) of your current passport's front page with this application - please be sure to have it on hand.

If you have any questions,please contact rochel@egertcohen.co.il

Pre Existing:
Maccabi will add on an extra premium when there is a chronic or pre-existing condition. In this case ,we will inform the parents of the extra cost. Once accepted, most chronic medication is covered
No deductible for Family doctor, Womens’ doctor, Internal medicine
Specialists/Physio/ hospital outpatient-35nis every 3 months

ER/Emergency Care Centers-co-payment according to Maccabi rates.
There are occasions where the ER will ask for a credit card as security while they check with Maccabi. In most cases, it will NOT be charged and we will work to arrange an approval or refund if necessary - subject to policy conditions.
Prescription medication: 18nis for regular medications.
This deductible is paid by the student.

Medical Services

  1. The medical services that are provided through the program are services included in the Health Basket excluding the restrictions detailed in the following clause No. 5.3.
  2. The medical services will be provided only in the territories of the State of Israel and in accordance to the Program’s conditions.
  3. The following services are not included in the program:
    1. Hospitalization during the first three months of program membership, except for acute hospitalization (urgent).
    2. Treatment of prior diseases, including aggravation.
    3. Treatment of severe illnesses, chronic illnesses, as defined by the Ministry of Health, if they are revealed during the first 6 months of the membership of the program.
    4. Any treatment or examination that are related to birth, including birth expenses, treatment of a new born (including birth of a premature baby), hospitalization  for complications of pregnancy, birth, abortion, curettage etc.
    5. Fertility treatments.
    6. Treatment that is directly and/or indirectly connected and/or caused by a traffic accident in the country or abroad.
    7. Treatment that is directly and/or indirectly connected and/or caused by a working accident.
    8. Treatments and hospitalizations that are related to issues of impotency and sexual dysfunction.
    9. Treatment related to mental health, intentional self-injury or attempted suicide.
    10. Treatment of injury caused while diving with air tanks, skydiving, sky or any other extreme sport. Treatment of injuries caused by compressed air diving, parachuting, hunting, skiing and all other kinds of challenge sports.
    11. Treatment for an injury caused in acts of hostility, acts of war, hostile action, explosive action, criminal action.
    12. Treatment of diseases resulting from the consumption of drugs or alcohol.


Lev HaTorah 10 Month
August 24, 2022 - June 20, 2023
Cost: $830.

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Lev HaTorah 5 Month
August 24, 2022 - January 20, 2023
Cost: $440.

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Lev HaTorah 8 Month
August 24, 2022 - April 20, 2023
Cost: $675.

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If you will need 1-4 months, choose the Harel daily program:
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